Robin’s Snippets – 19/8/2010

OK, so I’ll stir it all up again.

Just read some interesting opinion poll results. All to do with who is to blame for the disaster that is Cyprus. In some areas there appears to be some movement or shift in opinion. The crunch really lies in the question as seen by the next generation. Ours, you know the one that was old enough to see it happen and maybe capable of forming an opininion based on personal experience, is on its way out and largely irrelevant, so how do the numbers in other demographic groups shape up?

According to reports in the online North Cyprus Times, as a result of investigative journalism in the south, there have been some significant changes. The initial Greek Cypriot state propaganda that “Turkish Cypriots started an armed conflict verging on civil war and then when they made no progress on this front, resorted to withdrawing from the political scene,” is finding ever fewer open ears. The year 1974 is no longer seen as having the Turkish military being the only bad guy in play, instead there is wider recognition that the Coup and the interference of the mainland Greek Junta also played a role.

Whether these new “facts” are being talked about in the schools in the south remains subject of doubt. In a poll of a secondary school in the south, on the subject of political themes, involving 412 pupils and teachers the results would indicate the opposite. 69% thought that Turkey alone was responsible for the problems of 1963/64 and 1974 ,11% thought Greece was at fault and 8% reckoned Britain was the evil doer, while  14% were convinced it was the three guarantee powers together that were at fault.

For the hienious crimes committed during these times, of those questioned, 61% thought that the Island Turks alone were responsible for the slaughter, 24% say it was the Greek element that was at fault and 15% say it was both parties. Happily 72% of those questioned wanted a solution to the Cyprus problem, whilst 16% said they had absolutely no interest in anything to do with the North and 12% stated they would not accept any sort of settlement.

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