Happy 4th July!

This time last year I joined my American friends in their 4th July parade and celebrations. My friend of over 60 years Daphne and I travelled to Yellowstone Park, the scenic route, and put over 2,700 miles on the clock.

My photos of that wonderful journey are all on Laura Laptop, who as I never fail to tell you has been held without trial in Girne Nick since the 14th October 2010.

I had an incredible time in the U.S. and, I have to say, the tales I told my friends there had their jaws dropping in disbelief. The attempt to stop the news of the unending horror that is the property market in the TRNC is not working. People are learning of the injustice being allowed to go unchecked and unchallenged by word of mouth, through media other than the local media, which we all know has been emasculated by Akfinans Bank Limited using the Banking Law to silence them. By far the most efficient and unstoppable way the world is learning of this situation is through the internet. Google Kulaksiz and see what you find. Google Polly MarplesĀ and see what you find. Google Akfinans Bank Limited, Google Aga Development Limited and see what you find. Google Gary John Robb and see what you find. Google a selection of all the afore mentioned and see what you find. The point is, thanks to the internet nothing is hidden, the world is just a global village. The truth cannot be silenced.

To my family, to my friends and to every American I say ‘HAPPY 4TH JULY’. I am thinking of you on this your very special Independence Day – In God We Trust.


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