Adventures of Pauline Read | Foal Play!

I started my trip to the U.S. at 11.30 am and arrived at 5.30 pm on the same day thanks to the time differences. it is very strange to travel for so long and yet to arrive on the same afternoon of the same day. Conversely of course, the reverse happened on the return leg.

I arrived on the afternoon of the 21st May to be greeted by my life long friend with the news that hopefully during the course of that night a new baby foal should be born, which would be good because after giving me a day to recover, we would embark on our road trip to Washington and then on to Niagara Falls in Canada. The plan was perfect but of course, as with all plans there is always someone not prepared to co-operate. This time it was our ‘mother to be’, she did not produce her offspring during the first night. Daphne, my friend explained to me that most foals do arrive during the night and how right she was. During the early hours of the next night, the night before the day of our trip, little Coffee Toffee or Toffee Coffee made his d├ębut. Daphne had a CCTV camera in the barn and the monitor in her bedroom alerted her to the new arrival.

By the time we returned from our two week trip, Coffee Toffee or Toffee Coffee was out in the paddock with Mum doing very nicely thank you. To explain, until he is properly registered we cannot be sure of his name, but it will be Toffee Coffee or Coffee Toffee. I will let you all know.

It never ceases to amaze me how soon after birth a newly born colt is able to stand up. I have photos for you to enjoy. Such an incredible start to my holiday.

Pauline Read

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