Citizens Advice Cyprus | Pauline Read’s Update

Having had time to reflect on just what happened last night, I realise that it was a storm in a teacup.

The latter part of last week it appears that Pembe was having talks with Rahme Bey of Making North Cyprus Better fame with a view to joining his company which I understood did Tourism and Insurance amongst other things. The early part of this week Pembe informed me that having received a very attractive offer from this consortium she was moving Citizens Advice Cyprus to their group of companies and would operate under their umbrella. In addition to this she would be taking the CAC FaceBook page with her too. Clearly there was no place for me in these arrangements but I was comfortable with that.

Pembe explained that she was faced with either taking more money from an already generous benefactor which she did not want to do, or go this route. I told her that this was the right decision for her under the circumstances. However I did explain that Stop the Blackmail was a separate issue and since it already had given MNCB its support, I would not be comfortable with her thinking she could take this page too, in fact I was certain our originator John Good would not be. We discussed my not being admin on the CAC FaceBook page any longer and my expressed wish was that as I came off CAC as admin, she should come off STBINC as admin. I thought we had agreed. I even in-boxed her later confirming this and to describe this message as blackmail was not true or fair.

Imagine my surprise when I phoned Pembe some time later to be told that she had changed her mind and that she was not going to join Rahme Bey after all. Again I told her, it was her decision and if she was happy with it, fine with me. I did tell her I would not be coming in so often but that I would still come in from time to time and if she needed me she only had to phone. If she did not want me to go in at all, she had only to tell me then. I did confirm that I had taken some (not all) of my things from my drawers but would bring anything I needed in with me as and when. That is how we left it. So I was totally gob-smacked to see my farewell announced on CAC last night.

Yes I do have issues over the Finance Minister, indeed I have issues over the whole government since, in my opinion, if they were going to help property victims, it would have been done a long, long time ago. Appeasement is not my way.

I believe the right way for Pembe may well be with Rahme Bey, since she is now keen to talk to the Government. I just hope they have something new to say to her.

Our second issue was money. I do not, nor will I ever, approve of victims having to pay again and again and again. I had hoped the other services Pembe was offering would have been profitable enough to have carried the slack.

Whatever route Pembe takes in the future, I wish her well.

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