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Links Exchange

Contact us for Link Exchange – North Cyprus Free Press is Page Rank 4 so similar sites, or better, would be preferred.

The best exchange would be of posts with SEO keyword links such as in this one Direct Traveller, plus a brief intro such as the ones below

  1. Bargain HuntersConsumer Pressure Group, also known as Bargain Hunter publishes daily hand-picked bargains focusing on the UK market. This website is a source of Discount Codes which have been checked and offers which are personal recommendations of Super Snooper the website’s operator.
  2. On the Island | North Cyprus BlogOn the Island, is the website of Maggie who moved to North Cyprus with her partner and since 2002 has kept a daily blog of her experiences there. In 2004 she discovered that her builder had made mistakes in positioning the access to the property and had got the boundaries wrong. She explains how this and many other problems were overcome.


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