TRNC Government “to Force Auction to Grab Victims’ Cash”

The Aga Saga, is there anything left to be said about this complete ‘cock-up’.

Yes, I am afraid there is. No doubt the Auctions planned for the Aga sites will go ahead. Who will benefit from them, the very Government who sat back and let this ‘comedy of errors’ start and then continue. Why do I say this? Well let us look at how it started.

A felon, Gary John Robb, sought refuge in a country infamous for its hospitality to those on the run. He was welcomed with open arms, he was given or perhaps bought CITIZENSHIP. Those with similar traits to his were attracted to him like a magnet. He formed Aga Development Limited, named we are told after his wife Ethiopian born Aga Netsanet David. No obstacle was placed in his path in these early heady days even though his past was well known. Even though ‘black money’ was funding this setup. This man who had a criminal record in the United Kingdom, who had been forced into bankruptcy in the UK, was having every door opened to him, being afforded the courtesies ordinary ex-pat residents would have loved to be given. Quietly, behind the scenes this man was squirrelling away the hard earned cash of his victims allegedly aided and abetted by the Kursats according to The Honourable Mr Justice Mackay. A bankrupt man who was initially allegedly receiving £5-10,000 per week in cash from his interests in the UK, here in North Cyprus for over a year and over £500,000 by way of capital. Did it ever occur to the Government to check the provenance of this cash? How could this be clean money?

Now back to today. We are told the auction postponed twice by the Ministry of the Interior will go ahead in August. Why, because the Government are keen to get their hands on 380,000 lira they say is owed in taxes by Gary Robb. Now if you believe, as I do, that this Government have been negligent in the extreme in allowing this man Citizenship, allowing this man and Turkish Cypriots to defraud foreign purchasers, in allowing a building industry to go unregulated and uncontrolled over many many years, then surely even they can see that the blame is all theirs.

To force an Auction so they can grab more of the victims cash is hypocritical and an action you would expect from third world despots. Take this a step further, how much more tax do the Government expect to ‘grab’ from future Aga auctions? Perhaps they could explain why they are not looking to the other Turkish Cypriot shareholder and Directors of Aga Development Limited for unpaid taxes. All the purchasers of Aga/Robb properties who were talked into putting ‘blanket memorandums’ on his assets, be aware the Government will take the first ‘dip’ into any money raised at auctions for any unpaid taxes. Will there be any left for you, who knows?

Power to the people.

Citizen Smith

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