TRNC Government “re-victimising those already victimised”


Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Little could the Orams have known that having co-operated with the Government in their bid to prove they were the legitimate owner of their property in North Cyprus, they would be treated like just so much garbage and then instead of just throwing them away, they would be thrown to the wolves.

Mrs Oram is undergoing treatment for cancer at present and who can be surprised that her medical attendants confirm that it is most probably due to the stress of the living hell that has been her life for the last several years. Beware Greeks bearing gifts is a well known saying, perhaps we should now add, beware Turkish Cypriot Governments making promises. I think most property scam victims will agree that this perfectly describes the situation in North Cyprus. Promises made and promises broken with alarming regularity.

Now it seems Lapta Municipality have now flexed their muscles and decided to ‘milk’ the British ex-pats even further. Now why should that surprise anyone, isn’t it what they do best? Mr. Namsoy, the Mayor of Lapta Municipality, is quoted in Cyprus Today as saying, “we do not recognise the EU court’s ruling and, as far as we are aware this house still legally belongs to David and Linda. They must pay 1,640 TL in total to the municipality, because the Oramses hold the TRNC title deeds to the property.” Well bully for you Mr. Namsoy, what a mean spirited man you are if you go ahead and collect this money. The rest of your alleged comments are not worth reproducing.

So lets us look at what we do know about how ‘well’ the TRNC powers that be treat victims.

  • Kulaksiz 5, allowing Eviction Hearings to continue whilst the outcome of the legal challenges are not known
  • The Government insisting that the Karmi/Robb auction goes ahead because they are owed taxes by the well know felon Gary Robb. A man on the run, who was given or bought citizenship, who was allowed to form a building company with the intention of robbing ex-pats and syphoning off the funds to other countries, allegedly ably assisted by his Turkish Cypriot co-shareholder and board.

Does anyone else get the impression that far from doing the right thing, the Government appear to be trying to obtain a share of the proceeds? Proceeds that should never have existed had the Government done its job properly. Surely even they can see that they are aiding in re-victimising those already victimised? What will it take for the Government to take off their blinkers and see the situation as it really is, a situation that they fostered.

Pandora S Box

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