Talat Kursat Law firm changes ISO9001 logo on website!

Well, if we didn’t have enough evidence to prove that the Talat Kurşat’s website was not authorised to display the WCS ISO9001 logo, then the change to the law firm’s website home page is all the evidence we needed. It now carries NQA’s logo in an effort to marry up the certificate the law firm holds with the logo of the awarding body which had issued the original certification.

By displaying the NQA logo the firm are categorically stating that they are holding an up-to-date certificate from that organisation. Certification requires regular checks and annual payments.

The new logo seen below can only be displayed if NQA is satisfied that they have adhered to a stringent set of checks of their Quality Management System. Only if the firm passes these checks will NQA issue a certificate and allow the logo to be displayed. If they were to fail the checks and then display the logo, for example, then NQA would demand that they removed the logo. The same goes for non-payment of annual fees.

In WCS’s case there had been no communication between the law firm and the certification organisation and so it looks as if there had been a mistake in displaying their logo. But a little birdie tells me that this is not the end of the matter… TWEET TWEET!

NQA logo on Kursat website

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