Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus reaches 1000 members

Today the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group reached the magical number of 1000 members. No bells and whistles, no turning ourselves into a NGO  (Non Governmental Organisation). An idea by John Good acted upon by him has caught the imagination of so many. Thank you John.

As a group we have the support of Embargoed! ATCA (Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad) and the President and the Secretary General of the Baro Council here in the TRNC. We did ask for the support of the BRS but as yet have not received a reply. We gave our full support to the new Make North Cyprus Better Movement for their “Action against Evictions” and their 8 points proposal that they tell us will form the basis of their negotiations with the Government.

So what do we hope to achieve? Well already our Committee have established a working relationship with the Baro council and have had some help from them. We too intend to lobby the Government and bring to their attention individual cases as well as the overall situation. We intend to name and shame builders who are indulging in this scurrilous behaviour, as they become known to us. One of our members has produced a questionnaire to help us better gauge the type of problems and the builder involved. We are a little disappointed at the lack of people filling the the questionnaire and urge more to take the time to do this. HISS is still at epidemic proportion.

As far as Banks are concerned we are treading a little carefully due to the Banking laws. Naturally we would not wish to bring this industry into disrepute but it would seem they are doing a very good job of achieving that themselves.

After the disappointing decision from Judge Talat Usar on Friday which obviously Akfinans Bank Limited would be delighted with, we are expecting many Banks to see this as the green light.

I must admit to finding the quote attributed to Judge Usar in Saturday’s Cyprus Today a little strange, bordering on bizarre. He also said he believed “there would be no ‘irreversible’ damage to the defendants if they were evicted as the bank could compensate the Kulaksiz 5 buyers – if they were to win the main case.” Much has has been said about the first part of this quote and I entirely agree that it is a nonsense to believe pensioners aged between 63 and 89 being made homeless would not suffer irreversible damage, there is nothing reversible about death. No my attention was caught by the words “if they were to win the main case.” Surely, even if this possibility were minuscule, it exists and is a very good reason WHY the Interim Injunction should have been granted.. Why is the legal system allowing ANY action by the Bank until the outcome of the main case is known? Rhetorical question, because we all know the REAL answer.

Never give in – never give up.

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