Pauline Read’s follow up email after her Cyprus Today Interview

WITHOUT PREJUDICE: Let us look at the situation regarding the release of this DVD apparently commissioned by Make North Cyprus Better.

Now the announcement of its existence was made by Mr Mitcheson in a newspaper interview and in a live broadcast when he was being interviewed on TV. On 9th May 2012 when an announcement was made that a ‘guests only screening’ would take place at the Rocks Hotel at 2.30 p.m.  the DVD was found on YouTube by a contributor on the 9th May 2012 who then had it posted on NCFP. I do not know what all the fuss is about. If people take the view that bleeping out the Bank’s name is wrong, then they have a right to express that opinion. If people think that the headlines on NCFP are wrong, then they have a right to express that opinion.

What I do find fascinating is that the headlines on NCFP which are written by the Editor are in fact only the name of the legal case, “Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited”, nothing more and nothing less, so why is that offensive to anyone? The court documents carry that heading. Do the film makers have a problem with that? Do they really believe that no one knows the name of the Bank. If they believe that, why bother to make a film at all? That of course is a nonsense because they do know everyone knows the name of the Bank and should be glad that there are those who have the courage to come out and name them at every given opportunity.

Yesterday Pauline Read tells me she was contacted by Cyprus Today for a comment on the fact that they had taken a statement from Bob French saying words to the effect that he was the spokesman for the Kulaksiz 5 Group and that they are not responsible for her actions and that she does not speak for them. Clearly she will have no real knowledge of his exact words until the paper appears later this morning. She did give a comment but on reflection she realised that having been given no notice that this was about to happen she preferred to put her words into writing and this is the part of the e mail she sent to the Chief Reporter shortly after speaking with him.

“Whilst I recognise that Mr French is the spokesman for the K5 residents and some of the absent owners I do not recognise his right to speak for me.  I am an individual perfectly capable of thinking and speaking for myself.

Whether acknowledged or not I am a member of the K5 group for both the domestic and ECHR case having paid my fees in full to our advocate. This was also confirmed when Judge Talat Usar ruled against Akfinans Bank when they demanded my removal from the case in his decision dated 26th August 2011. The rest of this case was unsuccessful and the costs were awarded against Kulaksiz 5. Because of the way the judgement was written the Bank looked to me for the costs. All but one of the Kulaksiz 5 honoured their share and have reimbursed me.

I acknowledge that my style is very much “in your face” but I do not believe this to be detrimental to the rest of the K5. Appeasement is not my style and history shows it never works. I do not believe my actions have ever, in any way harmed the rest of Kulaksiz 5 and refute any suggestion that I have”.

Ms Read tells me she aware that the newspaper may well edit her email or choose to go with the verbal comment she made. This, she says is her stance and will remain so.

Of course we all know Ms Read campaigns for all property victims as well as her own personal case.

O B Joyful

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