Pauline Read Learns Self Defence

Without Prejudice

Lady Justice, oh what an elusive lady you are. I read with a certain amount of disbelief that the Bank had applied to the Girne Court for the right to serve a Writ for Libel on Pauline Read by being allowed to merely tape it to her front door and put a copy under her doormat. Now you will be forgiven for thinking that maybe she is so fleet of foot that the Bank had no other alternative. Indeed, you might also wonder about the argument used to persuade a Judge to issue such a court order. I wonder if he was made aware of the fact that this particular lady is 67 years old and consequently not at all fleet of foot. You may then wonder, what heinous crime has this old lady committed to warrant such drastic action. Well Ms Read assures me it is a Civil matter and relates to articles she is accused of writing and of being published on North Cyprus Free Press on June 1st 2010 (prior to the Kulaksiz auction) July 10th 2010 (just after the auction) and July 31st 2010, the infamous date when Bank representatives broke into Ms Read’s villa, changed the locks, isolated the electricity and allegedly made a vehicular attempt to run over her partner. Two of these alleged events are more than two years ago and one almost two years ago. How then did they convince a Judge that these old chestnuts were worthy of such draconian action? It did of course beg the question, what did the police do about the third incident, Ms Read just shrugged and said ‘nothing’. She assured me she did report it, the late and very much lamented former Founder President Mr R. Denktas did try to encourage a prosecution against the Bank and brought the matter to the attention of the Attorney General, but all to no avail.

Of this new Writ, Ms Read informed me that although she has an Advocate acting for her over the first Writ, she is now unable to afford to pay a fee to an Advocate to defend this second one so she intends to defend it herself. I did point out that these allegations all go back two years and asked her why suddenly the Bank are taking action now. Surely after such a long time, it can only be intimidatory and an attempt to silence her. Ms Read said that she could not possibly comment for fear of yet another Writ.

Ms Read explained that today she visited the court office to file her intention to defend this action herself. This she told me was no easy matter. The Clerk in the office told her that her address was not in the Girne area and she must have an address in the Girne area for them to use for future paperwork. I have to admit I found that hard to believe, but she assured me that NO, that is exactly what she was told. However, she does live in the Girne area and indeed pays her dues to the Girne Beleydesi. Fortunately she was not alone, her Pesky Pair partner was there and between them and with the help of two of the clerks who did agree she lived in the correct area, she eventually won that round and the paper was filed successfully. You may have thought the post code lottery in the health service in the UK was bad, try living out of Girne area and wanting to defend yourself in Girne court. It seems they have it all tied down so those living outside are forced to use an Advocate, simply because his address fits their very odd rules. Jobs for the boys maybe?

Now the next battle was that she would have to personally deliver a copy of the intention to defend paperwork to the Bank’s Advocate. This she told me proved to be entirely painless, probably because of the ‘surprise factor’. Akan Kursat was not in the Girne office of Talat Kursat, so she handed it to his father Mr. Talat Kursat, she was very polite and although he looked somewhat perturbed he too was civil and courteous.

I asked Ms Read what she had learned from today’s experience. She said she realised that the system here did not intend to make her job easy, that she expected further obstructions to be thrown in her path along the way. She did however intend to continue as far as she possibly could and she admitted that without her Pesky Pair partner none of it would be possible. She did wonder at the court being allowed to issue a Writ in Turkish to a British National who did not speak Turkish and whose alleged libel was in the English language. She also strenuously denies all the allegations.

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