North Cyprus Property Victims | Pauline Read Piles the Pressure on

Yesterday I inferred that organisations specifically set up to help North Cyprus Property Victims were wasting their time because they would not gather enough support to make an impact. However, Pauline Read’s approach is different. In Pauline’s case she has combined the issue of the TRNC Government’s apathy towards Property Victims with other organisations also affected by Government apathy. The most obvious recent example is that of Trade Unions. In their case the Government’s apathy took the form of failing to pay them whilst, for example, finding enough money to buy new cars for government officials.

Trade Unions showed their power through striking and demonstrating to such affect that, apparently, their members are now being paid. Pauline was at their demonstrations emphasising that property victims and working people have a common cause. It is this concept of common cause, I believe, that is the way forward. United we stand, divided we fall, applies here with a vengeance. Pauline is currently promoting this approach and is searching for other organisation who feel their members have been victimised by the TRNC government. Believe me there are many groups out there who feel they do not enjoy the human rights that the EU expects for its citizens. Remember, the TRNC government have been happy to take EU money to harmonize its practices with those of the EU and so perhaps we should expect some results for that investment.

Who will Pauline be seen on TV with next? In which country will the TV station be based? When Pauline Read is involved, perhaps pigs will fly?

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