North Cyprus Property Problems – ignore them at your peril

I read with interest that the Aga Saga, involving Aga Development Limited, has now been running for eight years. Coronation Street outranks it by a country mile but whilst Coronation Street is a soap opera loosely based on reality, the Aga Saga is reality closely resembling a soap opera. Many of the things I have read where Aga is concerned have had me thinking ‘that cannot be happening’ but sadly it is.

We are all aware that the major player in the Aga Saga is one Gary John Robb. We know he formed the company, was/is the major shareholder and has/had one other shareholder who, according to official records, is Akan Kurşat the Advocate allegedly now acting for Akfinans Bank Limited in the legal case with Kulaksiz 5. The Secretary of Aga Development is listed as Mert Guclu who is also listed as a Director along with Gary John Robb, Kutsal Tokatlioglu and Cafer Gurcafer.

The obvious question to ask is why was Mr Robb was allowed to form this company? Why indeed was he ever granted citizenship? I ask this question because I have been made aware that his victims had to go through a very rigorous vetting procedure to purchase his properties in order to be given the much coveted Permission to Purchase document. In this vetting procedure is a requirement for the applicant to provide a Metropolitan Police Character reference. This reference, if you are British, has to be the original document taken from the Police National Computer Data base in the U.K.

In my opinion the granting of Citizenship should have been screened even more rigorously, so how was a British National, wanted in the U.K. and with a criminal record, able to circumvent screening and indeed be given Citizenship, something that ex patriots with an unblemished record and living in the TRNC for a long period have not been able to achieve?

Clearly a mistake have been made, blame can only be laid at the feet of the Government of the day. Blame however does not help the victims of this Company. I have observed many promises made to the victims and many promises broken, by both the Government and the Company.

The victims of Aga Development Limited and the TRNC Government are many. I am led to believe that the majority of the victims are ex-pat pensioners who bought into their dream that turned into a nightmare. Dreams and nightmares usually stop on awakening. For the victims of Aga Development the nightmare continues on into its 8th year and no-one appears to care. Victims are ill, their immune systems impaired by the stress. Some have already paid the ultimate price – death. The TRNC have nothing to be proud of, they could and should have intervened as far back as 2006, and they did not. It is now 2011 and what are the Government doing – nothing.

I have been reading about and watching online the progress of the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. I am impressed but also amazed to read that along with Aga, other major builders are consistently ignoring their obligations to their purchasers. Surprisingly the Government still believe they can continue to ignore the growing dissent.

Egypt ignored the protesters, Syria ignored them, Libya ignored them, Yemen ignored them, Tunisia ignored them, Morocco ignored them. The internet gives instant access to all news, good and bad. Ignore the protesters at your peril!

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