North Cyprus Property | Don’t trust your Advocate to get it right!

North Cyprus Property | Don't trust your Advocate to get it right!Yesterday whilst out on business Pembe and I bumped into an Advocate in an office we were visiting.  We chatted about this and that and naturally the conversation turned to the usual topic, property fraud. I was absolutely flabbergasted when he announced to me that the British, and yes he did say British, were in some parts to blame for the situation they find themselves in. Can you believe that?

His reasoning was that not only should we have perhaps searched the land ourselves through the Tapu, we should have insisted on seeing a copy of the search if the Advocate did it.

So you have to ask yourself, why did you use an Advocate? Since having paid these Advocates an outrageous fee (£1200 in my case) you are then expected to oversee the work they promise to do for you, why then would you bother with an Advocate at all? A number of TRNC Advocates boast of their British qualifications and training, mine did and even gave me in writing the fact that she would conduct a search prior to committing me irrevocably to the sale and subsequent events proved her negligent. However that aside when are these penguins going to accept that having been paid to do a job, they should do it? Clearly the fact that they have ‘no duty of care’ should be changed to ‘we don’t care,’ just keep paying us and never blame us.

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