North Cyprus Property Auctions | The Minister Can’t Help

Oh what a day, late June in 2012! Pauline has had the sort of day you would not plan, and would not want to.  She has been shouted at, accused and asked if she is happy, all before 10.30 a.m. She has also been able to laugh and to realise not all in North Cyprus is doom and gloom.

The purpose of today’s mission was to fire the opening salvo in the ‘save Karmi/Robb properties from any more auctions’ battle. Will they succeed, only time will tell? One thing is sure, if they go down, they will go down fighting.

Legal opinion is that all legal channels have been exhausted. Well, legal channels in North Cyprus that is. However, they were more or less told, if they do not like the system in North Cyprus, go to the European Courts, a cop out? Well what do you think?

Pauline underwent a good ‘telling off’ or to be more accurate ‘ good shouting and almost screaming at’. Clearly there will be no help from the Ministry of Finance. Who did the shouting/screaming? I will give you a clue, he is the most senior man in this Ministry. Pauline was told the only action she could expect would be directed at those letting their properties and not paying stoppages. Now who could that be? Isn’t this the tack being taken by a legal team acting for ***DELETED*** Bank, and yet in the next breath the same Minister is claiming he has had no contact with said bank and the fact that in 2009 he was Director of said Bank, is irrelevant. It has been said before, You Could Not Make It Up.

This is only the beginning of the Perils of Pauline for today 22nd June 2012. There is more to follow.

O B Joyful


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