North Cyprus | Out of Bounds for PinkTourists?

North Cyprus | Out of Bounds for PinkTourists?On Sunday, two inmates at the central prison in Nicosia appeared in court charged with having “sexual intercourse against the order of nature” despite gay sex not being a crime in either Turkey or the Republic of Cyprus. MEPs have called upon the Turkish Cypriot government to repeal the law and the President, Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, has apparently given assurances that he would sign a repeal of the ban into law. Unfortunately, as in the case of the Interest Rate legislation, while the repeal is waiting to be debated in parliament, the old law is still being enforced. The BBC contacted Dr. Eroğlu for comment but received no reply.

The law was used to justify the arrest in July of two men and then, in October, a former Republic of Cyprus finance minister, Michael Sarris, and two other adult men were arrested. Mr Sarris crossed the border back into the Republic of Cyprus and escaped prosecution.

Following Mr Sarris’s arrest Dr. Eroğlu said he had advised the government that this archaic law “should be abolished without delay”. Up until now the bill has not been debated and the repeal stays as a promise with no further action likely to be taken. Worse still some local media have published names and pictures of suspects, despite closed court hearings, using an “extremely derogatory tone”.


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