North Cyprus Law | P2P and Enforcement Order Update

North Cyprus Law | P2P and Enforcement Order UpdateWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Law | P2P and Enforcement Order Update

My Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen has been very diligent in chasing up both my Permission to Purchase at the Ministry of the Interior (Home Office) and the Enforcement Sale Order I was given after winning my Breach Of Contract Case.

As I have stated, the Permission to Purchase application, made in late 2009, has been ‘lost’ for the second time. It was ‘lost’ last year but miraculously turned up in the drawer of the Manager’s Office at the PTP office within the Ministry. It was last reported to me as being in a drawer at the Bakan but that was before all the details of the property appeared in an article in Halkin Sesi and Yeniduzen, penned by Talat Kursat the Advocate firm acting for the **DELETED** Bank.

Now, one wonders where they got such details from. Could it be they ‘borrowed’ my file and forgot to return it? No accusations – just asking? Whatever, the file is now lost again and because of this gross inefficiency my application has to start from ‘scratch’ through no fault of mine. On checking this week, it was found that the Murdur was not in office so the applications on the land and to the army (again) had not been signed. You Could Not Make It Up. Let us hope that Mehmet Kaptan Bensen chasing this application every two working days wears them down.

Yesterday an enquiry as to the position of the Enforcement Order yielded the information that the valuer who was said to be appointed at the last enquiry knew nothing about it. However, thanks to Mehmet speaking to him, he does now know and he now has promised to value the assets on the Sale Order as soon as possible; probably the next leap year day (joke). Again Mehmet will make his interest as my Advocate known on a regular basis.

This Enforcement Order came from a Judge in a court of law and to ignore it, even the Tapu, is in contempt of court and although no one will be carted off to jail for this contempt, we do have recourse in law. Let us hope we do not have to go that far. The word Mandamus is now known to you the readers thanks to the article on the subject by Legal Eagle.



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