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North Cyprus LawyerHere are some rules on the limitation of action relating to civil wrong cases, i.e. professional negligence, fraud etc. These rules are similar to  breach of contract cases but the limitation of time in most (but not all) breach of contract cases is six years not five.

No action shall be brought in respect of any civil wrong unless such action be commenced:

a- Within five years next after the act, neglect or default of which complaint is made, or

b- Where the civil wrong causes fresh damage continuing from day to day within five years next after the ceasing thereof, or

c- Where the cause of action does not arise from the doing of any act or failure to do any act but from the damage resulting from such act or failure within five years next after the plaintiff sustained such damage, or

d- İf the civil wrong has been fraudulently concealed by the defendant within five years of the discovery thereof by the plaintiff would have discovered such civil wrong if he had exercised reasonable care and diligence.

Therefore don’t waste time.I t may lead to losing everything. I must add that if the civil wrong also constitutes an offence (crime) which is a felony (heavy crime) no action shall be brought in respect of a civil wrong until the offender has been brought to justice or the court before which such action is to be tried is satisfied that it is not reasonably possible to bring the offender to justice. Also I must add that there is away of making the police do their duty and deal with complaints but that is subject I shall deal with at another time.

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