“Never mind the enemy from without, beware the enemy from within”

My researcher came up with an article entitled Unity Ltd leads formation of International Council for North Cyprus (ICNC). This Council was apparently formed on the 2nd June 2005, I am attaching the complete article for you to read.

It occurred to me after reading it, that the biggest fear then was legal action against property purchasers by Greek Cypriots. Little could we have known that six short years on, the biggest fear purchasers of property in North Cyprus now face comes from within North Cyprus; legal action against them by Turkish Cypriots. I am sure most property scam victims would say, ‘never mind the enemy from without, beware the enemy from within’.

I have to admit to a wry smile when I read the names of the Temporary Directors of the ICNC at that time; there it is again the name KURSAT.

I love the paragraph “It is next to impossible to isolate all the issues from politics because politics is behind everything,” he said. “We must uphold legitimacy of the TRNC on the subject of title deeds, because it means the legitimacy of the TRNC. If we cannot uphold the legitimacy of the TRNC then the title deed means nothing. Well it seems the current politicians have no trouble in ignoring all that is going on around them in the property market and title deeds. What are they; most of us have never seen one in our name, even though we have paid for our property.

With only two high profile cases taken out by the Greek Cypriots, the Orams and the new pending case against Gary Robb, I think the Kulaksiz 5 case and the potential of 1400 more, should Akfinans Bank Limited succeed in its dastardly aims, tells us, the purchasers in North Cyprus, exactly who we have more to fear from.

Never give in, never give up.

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