NCFP attacked – we must be doing something right

Following the very serious attempt to totally close down North Cyprus Free Press on Tuesday 17th May 2011, the obvious question must be why, who could NCFP offended so greatly they went to such great lengths to silence it forever?

The good news is, although I am told good news does not sell papers, that they inflicted a very serious wound, but the attack was not fatal. North Cyprus Free Press is very aware of its responsibility to print only the truth and if that truth does offend, then maybe it should. Many of the truths coming out of North Cyprus at present are not pleasant. It is important to realise that unless a newspaper does deal in the truth, it does its readers a terrible dis-service.

Apparently North Cyprus Free Press is getting it right; why else would anyone go to such lengths to silence it? The Editor has given much coverage to the Property Injustices in North Cyprus and has committed a lot of space to it. Anyone with a legitimate, provable problem is free to air their problems on its pages.

It is an unfortunate fact that there is a climate of fear amongst many of the victims. They fear that if they publicly reveal what is happening to them, they might offend the builder/landowner/advocate etc. and this will somehow make their situation worse. The atmosphere of intimidation is working so well for the villains. Let me ask you this, when the author of all your problems was actually shafting you, do you think he worried about how much he might be offending you? Let me ask you another question, if you were in your country of birth, would you actively conspire to help the criminal shaft you?

Do not be intimidated by the fact that you are in a foreign country, that you do not speak the language or that the perpetrator of your ills is somehow superior to you and therefore unbeatable. Oh how they love you to believe that. The arrogance of some of them is almost palpable. Deep down most of us are aware that we are letting less educated and in some cases downright ignorant people run rings around us

I have to say, I have been expecting this attack on North Cyprus Free Press. Why, you might ask? Well, whilst many of the newspapers here in the TRNC have kow towed to the wishes of Akfinans Bank Limited and not publish much in relation to the Kulaksiz 5’s on-going problems, the intimidation, the problems with their electricity, giving details of forthcoming court cases, here at NCFP it has been business as usual. If it is news, if it is factual, you the public have the right to be told.

NCFP have never tried to bring the Banking Industry into disrepute, never said or implied anything that harms the industry or causes any loss of confidence in the Banking Industry. I personally do find it a little strange that Akfinans Bank Limited by suppressing information regarding the K5 -v- Akfinans Bank case are putting themselves in a bad light and actually inviting speculation from the public. It is my opinion that by allowing free and frank coverage of the case, they would be demonstrating to the public they fear nothing and the have nothing to hide

In a free society Freedom of the Press is a Human Right. With those rights come responsibilities to report accurately and truthfully. When anyone tries to silence the press, the public are justified in asking – WHY?

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