Kulaksiz 5 versus Akfinans Bank – the police take a statement

Some of you may be wondering what happened next in the lock changing and attempted vehicular assault saga. I wish I could tell you that they have been arrested, tried, found guilty and sentenced to 20 years hard labour in the copper mines. I wish I could tell you this but I would be telling lies.

Eventually and after five attempts, we did get to give written statements to the Police. The witness however did not give a written statement until Wednesday the 11th August, some 12 days after the incident and then only after some very high level intervention on our behalf. As you would in the UK, we asked for copies of our statements, they were refused. I did ask three times and the third refusal was accompanied by an explanation that the police officer would loose his job if he gave us a copy. Why, since what we said is supposed to be written there, and certainly the one I signed contained only what I had said although not in the most perfect of English; it wasn’t a state secret or the formula for a nuclear missile – what is the big deal.

On completion of the witness statement taken in the main office with people coming and going and with Chris and I sitting on either side of the witness, our statements were produced and we were asked, what did we want done. I refrained from the obvious answer and asked what were the choices. I was told they could be warned by the Police – yeh…and when they stopped laughing, what then? I was a little incensed and suggest maybe prosecuting them might be an option. After some discussion something, to the effect that we wished the papers to go before a Judge, was added to our statements and signed by us (Chris and myself). Time will tell.

On Tuesday night this week my next door neighbour at Kulaksiz 5 had a visit from the police at about 8.20 p.m. Initially it was one officer and then he was joined by another officer – presumably officer number two had been to my villa to check we hadn’t done anything LEGAL like go back into the villa. The purpose of their visit, they said, was to a see if my neighbours had seen anything on the night of the break in. They explained they had gone out after observing people in my garden and had phoned us. The police seemed interested only in what happened after Chris arrived and since my neighbours had not been there then, they could not help. The only witness had already given a statement – so what was their real purpose, a fishing trip for Akfinans perhaps? We’ll never know.

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