Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank – hearing 11am on Friday 6/5/2011 at Girne Court

The Hearing on Friday 6th May 2011 at Girne District Court is due to go ahead, start time 11.00 a.m.

Today Kulakszi 5 residents met with our legal adviser to discuss the format for Friday.  Our adviser is of the opinion that Akfinans Bank will use some delaying tactics and that in fact, the full hearing will probably be adjourned for a few days.  This I understand is par for the course in many cases.  However, they can only delay for so long, eventually we will be heard.  So what is it we are asking for?  At this stage we require an Interim Injunction to stop Akfinans Bank from selling any of the properties on Kulaksiz 5.

We also discussed the answers to some questions sent to our Advocate from the European Court of Human Rights.  I find this very encouraging as it means our case is receiving attention and questions are coming back to us.  I suspect, as indeed do most of Kulaksiz  5, that our Justice will eventually come the ECHR and not from the TRNC.  This is a tragedy, as it will surely mean the death of the Property Market here and not one of the victims wanted this.  Post through the normal system has not been reaching our Advocate and whilst I would like to think that tentacles have not been reaching into the postal system here, I cannot discount such a possibility.  Another method of communicating has been found.

Some doubt has been voiced about my being a fully paid up member of the Kulaksiz 5 team. Just to clarify the situation.  I did not sell my villa before the auction.  I did move out two weeks before the auction for health reasons.  Akfinans Bank Limited did forcibly and criminally break into my fully secured villa and the police allowed them to stay. They are now doing extensive work on my villa and it is my opinion that a member of the Kader family will occupy my villa.

I did win a Breach of Contract award of £120,000 on the 6th November 2009 and to date I have not received a penny.  I do not think I ever will, hence my joining in the legal case against Akfinans Bank Limited.

Please be aware there are many false rumours spreading about me at present.  If you would like to know the truth, just ask me, I am an open book.

Anyone wishing to attend the court on Friday to show support will be very welcome.

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