Kulaksiz 5 homeowners in North Cyprus fight alone against Akfinans Bank

It seems that Kulaksiz 5 are alone in their struggle. The government of the TRNC sit and watch as this drama unfolds.

We have Akfinans Bank Limited emboldened by their ‘success’ at the auction taking even bolder steps, not prepared to go down the legal prescribed route of obtaining a court sanctioned eviction order they find there are no consequences for their illegal act. The Bankers’ Union appears to be actively supporting them by their silence. The other banks with similar mortgages are waiting like a pack of rabid dogs to do to other elderly foreign investors/ home owners what Akfinans were allowed to do to Kulaksiz 5 and no-one in government cares. Central Bank’s silence is deafening whilst these callous, barbaric attacks on the weakest most vulnerable members of society are quietly ignored. Where is the support from the Constructors’ Union, the Estate Agents’ Union, both of whom will be adversely affected if this abomination continues

Can someone please explain to me what we, visitors to your country and therefore worthy of your respect, have done to deserve this appalling treatment. I always believed Islam respected the elderly and treated them with courtesy and consideration, regardless of their faith. Did I get that wrong?

I truly believe that the government are hoping that if they wait long enough death will silence us. Akfinans even tried to help that along when they aimed a car at speed at my partner, fortunately for him, he managed to jump to safety.

The Police and the Judiciary seem unable or unwilling to help us. The ordinary Turkish Cypriots have been unanimous in their condemnation of the treatment we are receiving and for that we a truly grateful.

Do the government really believe that the new laws to protect purchasers will have any effect if this continues? Do they think that new purchasers will believe this couldn’t happen to them. Confidence in the TRNC property sector is at an all time low and will only recover when the government takes bold action and stamps firmly on these rogue builders, landowners and banks.

I love the TRNC – I do not want her harmed any further.

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