Karmi/Robb Auction Postponement | Who do you believe?

This is the link to the article I wrote covering the ordeal suffered by the victims on Friday afternoon.When all the stops were pulled out, together with all the victims; Pembe and Pauline worked their socks off, however if the statement made by the Ministry of the Interior that the reason the Auction was cancelled was because Mr. Fellahoglu requested it then why was the editor of Afrika Newspaper coerced into not writing about it in the Saturday edition and why were we told that indeed our efforts had caused the Ministry to postpone the Auction at the 11th hour? Why were we asked for the Contracts of Sale of the victims to be faxed to the Ministry if indeed the decision had already been made? You really have to wonder at the person who thought up the little gem they fed to Cyprus Today and then wonder at their ability to hold any political position. I am sure Sener Levent will be delighted to learn of this latest double talk coming out of the Ministry of the Interior.

Would they lie, no of course not, would they be economical with the truth, I will let you decide. Just ask the victims who they believe was responsible for the Auction being postponed and I am sure not one of them will say Eray Fellahoglu. If after interviewing the victims and Pembe and Pauline, Kerem chose to print the version he was fed by the Ministry of the Interior, then that is his decision. I note Ms Stokes made a quote, “what is needed is for the auction to be cancelled outright, and not just deferred”. Is this the same Ms. Stokes who said that Auctions can be a good thing? I know on that occasion the victims were livid at this comment. I suppose in all fairness the only way Kerem could have known the real truth was by being there; Pembe, Pauline, Malcolm, Sally, Graham and Helen were. Sener Levent was very much involved in getting this Auction postponed and so was the Head of the Estate Agents Union. So who do you believe?

It is regrettable that Mr Fellahoglu alleges he has received a death threat. If this is true, it is totally unjustified and helps no one.

Remember what Pauline told you Kerem? You would not be allowed to mention her name. She was right about that too.

Pandora S Box

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