Karayiannas & Son in south accused of hospitalising Conor O’Dwyer and unlawfully selling his home

Conor O’Dwyer has started a 4-day peaceful protest outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia to highlight his lengthy property dispute with Paralimni based developer Karayiannas & Son Ltd. He blamed the incompetent South Cyprus judicial system for the delays he has suffered in search of justice. For four years he has been trying to find justice in the South Cyprus courts against Karayiannas & Son who his says have assaulted him twice, unlawfully sold his family’s home despite it being registered to them in the Land Registry and kept the money he paid. All this time the case has been endlessly delayed.

The dispute began in 2005 when Conor purchased a house in Frenaros from Karayiannas & Son Ltd which was then allegedly resold by the developers. The situation became critical when, according to Conor, Karayiannas & Son and another man beat him up outside his house in early 2008 resulting in him having to spend a week in Larnaca Hospital. Since then Conor has had to regularly travel back and forth from the UK to attend court. The verdict of this assault was finally due on 29th September 2010 at the district court in Larnaca but one of the three accused did not show and so a warrant for his arrest has been issued. The verdict will now be heard on the 13th October 2010.

In a strange parallel to events in the north, the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) suspended the Karayiannas & Son Ltd membership but they have ignored all requests to remove the AIPP logo from their websites. The suspension in May 2010 came after Conor presented evidence to the AIPP and, when judgements have come down from the courts in a few weeks, it is expected that Karayiannas & Son Ltd will not only be expelled from this association but also from all other building governing bodies it belongs to.

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