Geoff Day’s 55th TRNC court appearance – Cancelled

CancelledI am so sorry to be so late but the notes monitor, David, has been out enjoying himself. Stern words will be had, well I might just smack his wrists but I think he likes it.

Geoff presented himself at the court promptly but the case was adjourned because the interpreter was yet again needed elsewhere. Why waste someone else’s time when you can waste Geoff’s, two days in a row?

The time was not wasted however as four of the group paid a visit to Mr. Rauf Denktaş who graciously agreed to see what he could do to speed up the case. I am sure refreshments were taken.

Fear not, you will have more from your court correspondence when she reveals tomorrow what depths that lowdown firm of pseudo-“builders”, Kulaksiz, got up to at her court hearing this morning.

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