Gary Robb – the RoC want to extradite him

NCFP published an article on December 8th 2010 by Peter Wright(1) outlining Gary Robb’s plans to complete the Aga project in the TRNC as soon as he is released from prison in the UK. Well it now appears, according to ABAG, that the RoC has other plans for him;

For those AGA Buyers who do not have access to the private TRNC-AGA-Buyers board this is an update from Harry Priest & Howard Grocock aka Charles & Priest Developments Ltd

We would like to update all AGA buyers of what we have been doing for the last two months, since Gary Robb’s letter was published on the board. On the 6th December 2010 Gary was given instructions to pack his kit up and was moved to HMP Wandsworth on a “production order”. He stayed overnight in HMP Leicester and arrived at Westminster Magistrates court on Wednesday 8th December at 4.30 pm. He was produced before the magistrate, who explained to him that the ROC had applied via a European arrest warrant to be extradited to the ROC, after the termination of his UK sentence.” (2)

It seems that the basis of the RoC warrant is that he is a developer of Greek Cypriot land in the north.

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