TRNC FM Ersin Tatar Defends Asil Nadir and Blames Bad Advice


So the second act of the Asil Nadir saga will begin once the Appeal date is known. Personally I cannot wait.

Mr Ersin Tatar, Finance Minister for the TRNC and former employee of PPI, has come out in support of Mr Nadir according to the Famagusta Gazette. He is quoted as saying “Mr Nadir is not a thief. He was an important businessman who made big contribution to Turkey and Turkish Cypriots.” He went on to say, “He cannot be responsible for the mistakes of some advisors.”

Strange that, I always thought the buck stopped on the desk of the top man. According to the prosecution during the trial Mr Tatar, one of those advisors/employees was you Mr Tatar. Tatar continued “He has been a prominent businessman. His contributions to Turkish Cypriots and Turkey cannot be forgotten”. He went on to say more of the same which you can read in the Famagusta Gazette online.

The most hysterical comment is reserved for his Nur Nadir who compares Asil Nadir to Nelson Mandela. Can’t see it myself Nur, Mr Mandela didn’t run away and spent a lifetime in jail for his beliefs. Do me a favour, maybe Ronnie Biggs?

It seems Mr Tatar believes a Jury of Mr Nadir’s peers got the verdict wrong. Well Mr Tatar, you did not escape mention during the trial, you certainly did not come out smelling of roses and however flawed you might consider the British legal system to be, it certainly does not disguise fraud as a civil offence.

Power to the people


Citizen Smith

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