Diana Wallis of EU Parliament and Greg Mulholland MP support candlelit vigil

reflection on light

CCL photo credit: Justin Gaurav Murgai

Ms Diana Wallis is on the Petitions Committee (PETI) in the European Parliament and is inundated with petitions from residents in North Cyprus, many of them from British Ex-Pats.The property issues, similar to those in Spain are a cause of much concern within Europe and Ms Wallis is personally pursuing cases and working alongside affected groups.

Unfortunately Ms Wallis will be unable to travel down to London to take part in this protest. However she would like to offer her support.  Diana would love to let people know that she is supporting victims in Parliament.

Greg Mulholland MP for Leeds North West will voice support for the Protest in the House of Commons.

House of Lords voice of support to follow.

Aga Buyers Action Group
Bring a banner. Light a candle.

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