Ulus Irkad | 500 000 SesOnline Readers Learn the Truth About the TRNC

Ulus Irkad

Ulus Irkad is a patriotic Turkish Cypriot. He is a teacher and a writer. The attached link is to his blog on Sesonline which is published in Turkey and has a readership of over 500,000. Yes half a million Turkish readers.

Like most of us Ulus feels very strongly about what is happening here, not only because of the purchasers, both Turkish Cypriots and ex-pats who are being cheated of their homes and their money but also for the general decline with everything on this beautiful island. Cyprus is often referred to as the island of love. There is very little evidence of anyone here being treated with love or respect.

Read what Ulus has to say on the subject. The translation is not wonderful, but the message is clear.

“”As a result of the referendum after the year 2003 began pumping can not be a solution in Cyprus, North Cyprus experienced a construction boom, the need to get this cheap villas Southern Cyprus and foreign countries, the majority of British citizens of many foreign, even though their governments to prohibit, come to the TRNC, in particular a housing, not only Kyrenia, possibly two or more housing bought. ”

Read the Turkish version at SesOnline

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