Trouble always comes in threes?

At least that’s what my mother always said. Perhaps this is what is happening to south Cyprus at the moment? Just when the Greek Cypriots thought they were on a roll with the Orams decision seemingly proving that the property problem ball was in their court, there was suddenly a dramatic turn round; the EHCR decided that all property problems had to go through the Immovable Property Commission or else wait for a political solution. Much has been said about this decision but it is notable that Greek Cypriots, who were extremely active in telling ex-pats that they were going to collect their names and addresses and come visiting with writs, suddenly went quiet. Strike 1!!!

Talat and Christofias tried hard to come up with a solution which could be taken to the Cypriot people to vote on but in the end they couldn’t even agree on giving a joint statement telling us what they had agreed on. They agreed jointly to issue separate statements but that was as far as it went. In 18 months no one is clear whether there were really any areas of agreement between them. There were hints but there was no firm information; leaving a feeling that all they really did was drink coffee. On April 18th there will be Presidential Election in the north and the likelihood is that Eroğlu will replace Talat and no matter what is being said pre-election, there will be no agreement between Christofias and Eroğlu. Strike 2???

Just after the elections it is rumoured that somewhere in the European Parliament a committee will convene and start the TRNC Direct Trade ball rolling again. Someone seems to have craftily re-introduced the possibility of direct trade between the EU and the TRNC which Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou has called “legally wrong and politically unacceptable.” Previously, the GCs were able to halt any chance of an agreement by using their veto power but this time, because the Lisbon Treaty only requires 255 votes from a total of 345 — about 73.9% of the votes,this will not be possible. Strike 3???

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