TRNC Finance Minister Ersin Tatar’s Role in Polly Peck Missing Money

The trial of Asil Nadir chunters on in the UK High Court and more disturbing alleged facts appear.

Mr Nadir denies all the allegations and charges against him, but more and more the current Finance Minister in the TRNC Government is mentioned in this case.

Mr Tatar was, it is alleged, employed by the Polly Peck empire at the time of the alleged crimes and actively participated in the systematic destruction of evidence. The prosecution allege that Mr Tatar also actively assisted in the illegal movement of money from Polly Peck International and had a close working relationship with Mr Nadir. It is also alleged that when questioned about pieces of torn paper, Mr Tatar said this paper was not important. When reassembled these pieces of paper allegedly contained the name and address of Mr Tatar and details of a Barclay Bank Account statement and references to a bank transfer to Impexbank, a Turkish bank that had been purchased by Mr Nadir in 1988.

It would seem that our idea of irrelevant and Mr. Tatar’s is somewhat difference. I include a link to the proceeding containing the above information and additional information.

Remember folks, whilst British people in the TRNC fight for Justice having done NOTHING wrong and are self funded, the British tax payers are helping to fund this trial at the High Court in London. The rich get richer and the poor get shafted. Thus it is, thus it will ever be.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

Source: Asil Nadir employee ‘tore up transfer evidence’

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