South Cyprus Will Need 20,000 Israeli Commandos to Defend It

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Israel is asking to put 20,000 of its troops in the south to defend its interest there. Israel expects to need them as its interests in the area are often targets of terrorists. If this ridiculous story is true then this has got to make Cyprus the holiday place to avoid. Cyprus gas is set to inflame the area even more and potentially creating a situation which ultimately the EU would have to become involved in seems to vindicate those who have accused them of jumping the gun in letting a divided Cyprus into the EU.

Perhaps the EU should wake up to the fact that the south has no intention of settling the Cyprus problem and in fact is seeking to maintain the status quo of Turkish Cypriots being isolated and, in effect, punished for daring to stand up to Greek Cypriots. Perhaps the EU should also look at the behaviour of Cyprus’s new best friends to give them an idea of what is the come in the south.

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