[OPINION] Turkey hopefully to the rescue after “the TRNC have bled us dry”

go awayThe dust has settled, the first Vigil happened against all the odds and my feeling is that it happened only because determined and desperate people made it happen. I was asked whether the date we chose was wise. Well, having been denied the date we really wanted, the 4th October to coincide with the Amaranta Buyers Action Group, I feel it was a good alternative. That it was the same day as Remembrance Sunday was unfortunate. That it was the day before Republic Day was quite deliberate. That so many Turkish VIPs were visiting and would see our Vigil in the newspaper could only be a bonus. That Kurban Bayram followed Republic Day was also a bonus. The religious holiday where ‘believers’ give thanks to God for all his blessings of food and shelter is somehow significant because so many elderly people, guests in this country, are about to have their legally bought homes ‘stolen’ from them. This treatment of guests in this country and of the elderly would shame a ‘true believer.’

We are not looking to the TRNC Government here to solve our problem. We know they have no money. We know that feeling too having spent all our money on villas, having spent money on making the villas into homes and then having spent money on legal action forced upon us to try to keep the homes we have already paid for. Our coffers are also empty. In short the TRNC have bled us dry.

Instead, we are looking to the Turkish Republic for the answer. The Turkish Ambassador in Lefkoşa graciously received the Kulaksiz 5 a few weeks ago. The Ambassador in London was away when the ABAG delegation was received but they were promised a future audience. Both groups were told of their sorrow at our plight. We were promised a Committee to look into our problems with a view to solving them. The Committee is to be made up of the two Ambassadors, Lord Maginnis and Ankara.

During our meeting with the Turkish Ambassador in Lefkoşa he remarked that this was the most uncomfortable meeting he had ever attended. Well it was very uncomfortable for us too, to have to go cap in hand to a virtual stranger and beg for help did not sit comfortably with me either. The situation being all the more ironic since the problem is not of our making. The Ambassador in Lefkoşa, a charming man, said he would have a cup of tea with us when our problems were solved.

We have received promises of help from the TRNC government on many occasions which have come to nothing. We are looking for an end to the uncertainty and an answer from Turkey. Can you, and will you, help us?

Abdurrahman Guney, Kulaksiz Construction Ltd, Yuksel Yilmaz and Akfinans Bank are the authors of our problems. The stress and uncertainty is slowly killing us, not an exaggeration I can assure you.

We are now being directly canvassed by the British Television to give them the story. This is not a route we want to go down, it may well end up as the only route left for us. Once that happens the international press will be camping on doorstep, and we do not want that.

We love the TRNC. We love the people. Show us some compassion.

Pauline Read

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