Maybe that’s the way to get reunification?

Famagust to Haifa Ferry?As an angry reaction to Turkey’s role in the the aid (peace) convoys to Gaza, the so called “Gaza Flotilla”, a group of left wing Israelis is planning to send a convoy directly to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. It is reported that the ships, bringing the activists directly from Israel, could reach northern Cyprus by late this week. It is also being mooted in the Jerusalem Post, that an as yet unnamed sponsor is financing the convoy.

The former Govt Minister Alex Goldfarb, other ex-members of the Knesset and many members of the Meretz Party are reported to be actively suporting this protest. The official demands of the “Cyprus Flotilla” are the withdrawal of Turkish Troops from the north of the island, and the reunification of the island as a single state. In addition to this, as reported in the North Cyprus press, Israel will not sanction the direct ferry link between Famagusta and Haifa.

Source: Hurriyet, Anka, Pressturk

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