January 6th – the day of the Feast of the Epiphany

January 6th - the day of the Feast of the EpiphanyToday is the day that the feast of the Epiphany is celebrated, so for those of you living in North Cyprus planning to go shopping in the South today, there will be few, if any, shops open.

In the South today, family parties will take place and it will be a day spent in quiet contemplation for the more devout Orthodox Christians. It is the day the three wise men appeared bearing their gifts. Yes, I know, we had our own version here for a week, only in that case it was the five wisemen.

It is also the day for those of you who decorate your homes for Christmas to take down your decorations as it is also the 12th day of Christmas. If you heard a loud noise, just after midnight last night, it was the 12 drummers drumming which followed the 11 pipers piping. Do me a favour, someone tell them to buzz off, we are trying to sleep.

Yesterday I was told by someone very close to Government that a vote had taken place in Parliament to allow Turkish Nationals to purchase property in the TRNC without the need for Permission to Purchase. Most importantly, I was told the vote was in favour of this change. Now this news following closely on the news of a possible name change for the TRNC has to start ‘ringing’ bells for all of us.

Change, it is ‘a coming’ and if anyone still doubts this, all I can say is ‘watch this space’

I still have a very strong feeling that 2012 is going to be the year of change, not only for the TRNC but for me personally. I have no logical explanation as to why I feel this, but I do.

I pray this change heralds a more settled time for the TRNC and that it sees the Turkish Cypriots moving forward and taking their place in the worldwide family. I have no say in whatever the eventual settlement terms are for the resolution of the Cyprus problem but I so want it to be a resolution that is fair and that both sides are happy with.

I realise it is very self indulgent to tell you what I would like the settlement to be, so I invite the readers to use the comment section to tell us all just what you would like the settlement to be. That includes readers from both sides of the island.

I wish our readers in the RoC a Happy Epiphany day spent with their loved ones.


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