Immovable Property Commission – claims so far

From the list of claims below it can be seen where the £37m has been paid and roughly how much an applicant to the IPC could expect to be compensated.


It is difficult to determine whether a property has a house on it but, on average, 1000m² of land seems to be compensated at around £15,000. A similar sized plot with a house, with 120m² floor area for example, could receive around £100-150,000. Similar properties in Lefkoşa would obviously be awarded far more than those in, say, Mevlevi.

The biggest payout so far has been for a 1,366,661m² plot in Akdeniz and Güzelyurt.  This is equivalent to a small 340 acre farm and the £9,347,000 compensation would indicate a great number of houses on the plot.

In some cases the owners of property in north Cyprus have either had their property given back or have taken a mixture of cash and restitution. For example, a 4,819m² plot in Esentepe was returned to it’s owner and in Karşiyaka the owner of a 768,623m² plot was given £1,500,000 plus some of the land was returned. In another case the owner of a 452,405m² plot in Kirklar was given £510,000 plus Turkish Cypriot land in the south in exchange.

The point is that the IPC works but whether Greek Cypriots will even dip their toes in to see what they might get, even if they refuse the offer, is another matter. Perhaps the temptation to accept cash now will be too great for some, especially if in the next few year it became clear that Turkey’s EU chances were nil, perhaps because of the south Cyprus government’s intervention. In that case the IPC might close down and Greek Cypriot chances of compensation or property return would become as unlikely as for those Russians made homeless by the 1917 Revolution.

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