Greek Cypriots Refuse to Pay for Power From North

When the Dhekelia power station stopped functioning overnight, triggering breakdowns throughout the south there was no alternative but to buy power from the north. Unfortunately when it came to paying for it the Greek Cypriot government decided that as the north was an illegal entity they wouldn’t have to pay. This is strange considering that the EU instigated Green Line Regulation was set up to allow the south to purchase products and services produced in the north. So, it’s legal to buy the electricity and therefore I guess illegal not to pay for them.

“The House expressed its displeasure at having to pay out to the north. At the time DIKO vice chairman Nicolas Papadopoulos said that his party was not convinced of the legality of the move adding that they should not be expected to approve any funds to pay an illegal contract.” [Cyprus Mail]

Couldn’t have anything to do with the south being broke could it, and needing to borrow €4bn from Russia and the EU?

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