Geoff Day’s 59th TRNC court appearance – 19th October 2010

gaggedVarious people are passing on messages to Malcolm about Geoff Day’s court case for alleged theft but so far NCFP has not been contacted directly by the court to inform them about whether TRNC law allows for comments in a newspaper concerning an ongoing trial in which the judgement is not handed down by a jury. To remind those reading, the implication of this case is that if your builder has left something behind on your property s/he can at a later date accuse you of theft, you can then be immediately imprisoned and denied access to your property which is left unprotected. This means that should an unscrupulous builder wish to plant evidence then they could do so. You could also then be confined to the TRNC for several years while a protracted case decides whether, for example, you have stolen a pot of paint which might belong to the builder because they have a receipt for a similar pot of paint and you don’t because, for tax reasons, local businesses prefer non receipted sales.

Malcolm has handed over to me the various communications and informed me of the advice received in telephone conversations. I was stunned when I discovered the high status of some of those supporting justice in the TRNC and Malcolm explained to me that he had been told about the high regard NCFP has amongst English speaking Turkish Cypriots. For this reason alone I felt a need to comment on Geoff Day’s absurd case which, whatever the verdict, appears to be crawling at such a slow pace that the most likely outcome will be the death by natural causes of most of the elderly participants.

According to one email, Peyman Erginal “has asked that nobody attends court or writes anything further” about the court case. It seems that there is a body of opinion that feels that the case will have to be retried if this happens. I wonder if this would make any difference to the length of the case anyway?

For those who have attended the case perhaps you would like to comment?

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