GCs demand title deeds to TC property in the south

Newspaper_readerA short while ago NCFP published a story that GCs in the south were going to be given title deeds to TC property they had taken over. Many people seemed to believe that we had not reported this story correctly but now it has returned in the shape of a report in the GC newspaper Phileleftheros where they state that 7000 GC families had believed exactly what we had reported at the time.

These GC families are complaining about being ignored by officials and are asking that President Christofias keeps the promise given by the undersecretary of the Greek Cypriot Presidency, Titos Christofidesm, that they be given title deed to TC property in the next few months.

Like many TCs in the north, these GC families have built houses on land left behind in 1974. But how can these GCs be given title deeds showing legal ownership of TC land? Surely this would make a mockery of the Orams case where British buyers are being sued by a GC for buying land which had been given to a TC in a similar situation. I guess the GC government may have expected a judgement on this case by now and hoped that this apparent hypocrisy would have been learnt of too late to influence the judges’ decision.

Surely it cannot be one rule for GCs and another for TCs can it? Well actually it can be, because the south Cyprus government is recognised by the international community and therefore will say that as it can make up any laws it wants, it can make one that takes TC property from them without their permission. We shall see.

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