Financial Times’ Europe Editor | “obstructiveness of Greek Cypriot political leaders”

It was a simple comment by Tony Barber the Europe Editor of the Financial Times, commenting about Cyprus’s exposure to Greek debt and Russian loans:

“Will this make the Greek Cypriots more open to a comprehensive settlement with the Turkish Cypriots on the Cyprus question? At present there is little to support this theory. But it is one of the European Union’s worst-kept secrets that many EU countries blame the impasse to a large extent on the obstructiveness of Greek Cypriot political leaders.” [Financial Times]

If a highly placed journalist such as Tony Barber believes the lack of solution of the Cyprus Problem is largely the blame of Greek Cypriot politicians isn’t it about time EU politicians did something about it? Or perhaps they will after their taking over the Cyprus Presidency gives the south enough rope to hang themselves, as they say.

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