EU property decisions now contradict each other

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) established that Greek Cypriots could pursue their property cases in a British court after having first established their case in a Republic of Cyprus (RoC) court. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in their decision concerning the Immovable Property Commission(IPC), established that Greek Cypriots must first approach the IPC (or wait for a solution) and if not satisfied with its decision could then refer their case to the ECHR.

Which is right??? Without a doubt, the ECHR’s ruling takes precedence over the ECJ’s. Does this means that the Orams’ decision is now wrong and should be quashed? How can the Orams’ verdict be sustained when, according to the EU’s current position on solving the Cyprus property problem, Greek Cypriots cannot use individual EU courts to establish trespass and to force individuals to vacate and demolished property.

The law is not just an ass, it’s an ass with a head at each end pulling in different directions.

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