Embargoed letter to Football Against Racism Europe

embargoedBelow is a detailed complaint submitted to FARE [], who will be making representations on behalf of Embargoed! in relation to the offensive material portrayed in the recent Apoel Nicosia vs. Chelsea Champions League match. I would also point out that a number of other individual and group complaints have also been to UEFA on the same issue.

The letter highlights in detail the various articles that we believe have been breached – there is also a separate statement submitted that has seen Embargoed! attempt to become a party to the disciplinary proceedings, which UEFA are due to hear on Thursday 29th October at midday [GMT].

Dear Mr. Power,

Please find attached a letter of complaint, proper to the UEFA organisation, which we would ask you raise with them both on our behalf and also within the scope of your remit as Director of FARE [Football Against Racism in Europe].

The letter has two attachments. One is a web link to some footage of the game in question which shows the offensive perimeter fencing. The second link is an e-copy of the actual leaflet that was given to Embargoed! by Chelsea fans returning from the game. A statement is also attached.

On behalf of Embargoed! I would like to thank you for taking an interest in this issue. Embargoed! absolutely agrees with the principle that there is no room for racism or any other forms of intolerance to be brought into our beautiful game.

We would also like to formally make the point that we really would like to do something to build up some sustainable pressure on the footballing authorities to allow the footballers in the TRNC to be allowed to play friendlies at the very least. It is difficult to imagine how worthless our footballers feel when just a few miles across the green line their Greek Cypriot counterparts are playing the creme de la creme of Europe in the Champions League – our footballers can’t even play a friendly football match. This is something that is inherently unfair, particularly when Turkish Cypriots have already voted to reunify the island back in the 2004 Annan referendum and the subsequent call from the international community to ease the embargoes. By allowing friendly football matches to take place this will allow a semblance of normalisation to come to the Turkish Cypriots and also act as a much needed measure of goodwill gesture [something that many international political commentators have said is necessary].

I can confirm out of courtesy that the details relating to this enquiry will be shared with the media.


Fevzi Hussein

Chairperson, Embargoed!

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