Don’t vote for those who don’t support North Cyprus

The General Election is just around the corner and for some of us there are some very big decisions to make.

As you know Embargoed! is an a-political human rights group who enjoys positive relations with all of the main political parties. We do not and never will support any one party outright as this would be against our ethos. However, we do believe passionately in fair justice for Cyprus.

We have been fortunate enough to have a few researchers who have done some wonderful work for us on MP’s from the group Friends of [Greek] Cyprus [FoC]. Embargoed! have been having informal dialogue with FoC for some time now and we have always been very critical of a number of the MP’s who align with the FoC, and more importantly when they engage in politics and make references to Cyprus that will knowingly cause great offence to the vast majority of Turkish Cypriots here in the UK. Well, Embargoed! have said enough is enough and we have deliberately targetted who we believe are the worst offenders in terms of lack of balance and deliberate bias against our cause. There were other MP’s too who would have gone straight to the top of our list but they are fortunately retiring so we are not expending any further energy talking about them!

The worst offenders by far who are standing in the elections are (click to read why):

Andy Love MP [Edmonton]

Andrew Dismore MP [Hendon]

David Burrows MP [Southgate]

Theresa Villiers MP [Chipping Barnet]

Simon Hughes MP [Southwark & Bermondsey]

If you live in the area where any of these candidates are standing spread the word. Forward this email on to your friends. The aim of this campaign is simple. It will send a very serious signal to any MP who wishes to do or say anything that relates to Cyprus. The days of supporting one Cypriot over another are gone. The Cyprus problem has to be resolved for the benefit of all Cypriots not just those who are fortunate enough to be in the EU or who do not live a life under the embargo.

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