Do Greek Cypriots really want a Cyprus Problem settlement?

The Greek Cypriot Journalist Makarios Drousatis (Author of several well re-searched books on the Cyprus problem) has indicated in a newspaper article that the Southside has no interest in a solution to the problem. A while ago the Turkish Minister Bagis made the offer of full withdrawal of all Turkish troops. According to Drousotis, this kind of offer should have ex-ploded in the Greek Cypriot media. He states, however, that exactly the op-posite occurred, the news was “smothered”. If the Minister had stated there was no way that Turkish troops would be moved then the Newspapers in the South would have been full of it, he goes on to add.

The Greek Cypriot journalist adds further, that the Foreign policy of Tur-key has changed dramatically in the last 8 years and is actively looking at ways of ending the conflict. He states “We are condemning all the messages from the North as Propaganda and communications strategy, thereby convinc-ing only ourselves. … Do we really want the withdrawal of Turkish Troops? Or is the status quo acceptable? Is the reunification a righteous cause? Or is the division of the island a solution that serves many masters? Cypriots must answer this question” (Star Kibris)

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