Cyprus Property Victims | Seeking Justice in UK Courts

“A large group of victims of the Southern Cyprus property crisis will take to the High Court in London on Wednesday 13th June in order for a hearing to take place regarding the jurisdiction for their case.”1

It seems that the ‘victims’ are revolting, and before you all say ‘oh they are not that bad’, I mean this in a very positive way. Victims in the North do not have this route open to them, or maybe they do, has anyone tried?

We are reading of a ‘Class Action’ being taken through the U.S courts, we are reading of the action being taken through the ECHR courts. Why then when so many British ex-pats are being affected should the route through their own courts be denied them? Now before I am bombarded with claims of my stupidity, I hasten to say this is a suggestion I am throwing this open for discussion and not stating it as a fact that victims of the property scams in North Cyprus have such a right to use this route. Justice it seems is very elusive for such victims.

The link to the article below of course refers to victims of the South Cyprus property scams and we all know that the problem there is many times larger than it is in the North. Let us not forget though, even one victim is one too many.


O B Joyful

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