Cyprus Problem | Both sides invited to “make or break” meeting in New York

Cyprus Problem | Both sides invited to "make or break" meeting in New YorkFor some reason, according to the South’s Cyprus Mail, the Greek Cypriot government decided not to reveal that the UN Secretary General had invited both sides to, what the newspaper is calling, a make or break meeting. When the Turkish press made this known, while the GC press were silent, the GC government made a great deal of the fact that their invitation had arrived hours later than the TC invitation, despite the UN insisting that both invitations were sent at the same time. This, they explained, was the reason they had not informed the South’s press of the invitation.

The Cyprus Mail speculated that the GC government are trying to divert attention from the obvious fact that the talks are deadlocked and probably dead without hope of resurrection, unless there is a subsequent miracle. Much is now being made of a time-frame being applied to the talks and this seems to be 1st July 2012. Whether the UN will consider recommending lifting the embargo on the TRNC after this date is doubtful but not out of the question. However, the fact that President Christofias seems embarrassed about the contents of the invitation, and its apparent deadline, seems to indicate that he may be running scared and that even he is beginning to believe that the UN is losing patience with him.

It should be interesting to read the intelligent and thoughtful comments below and contrast them with what the UK-based GC sympathisers have written. Perhaps this highlights the reason the Cyprus Talks will never succeed?


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