Cyprus News | the South considers exiting the Eurozone

They got themselves in debt but if the bailout doesn’t go their way then the south Cyprus Greek Cypriots may exit the Eurozone and return to the Cyprus Pound. Or will it be the Drachma or the Ruble? At least that’s the implication of a statement by Andros Kyprianou, whose AKEL party is the primary backer of the left-wing government led by President Demetris Christofias.

“If the troika insists on very painful measures to remain in the euro zone, should we dig our heels in and say we won’t leave the euro zone because this is important, and (that) we will remain, however painful the measures may be?”

That’ll surely work! The Cypriot Pound, backed up by the strong economy the south will become in the future. We know who’ll be buying up the currency to keep it strong, and along with it the two thirds of Cyprus temporarily controlled by Greek Cypriots.

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