Ban Ki-moon parties with GCs, Talat not invited?

Cyprus Banquet for Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Cyprus yesterday to visit GC President Christofias. A banquet was held in his honour and he told the GCs that he had come here to support the talks but seemed unaware that President Talat seemed not to have been invited. The GCs doubtlessly used this opportunity of seeing him alone, without TCs there to add their side of the story, to communicate their version of what was happening in the talks.

Perhaps Talat at some time will be given a similar opportunity to have a confidential chat? I doubt it, Ki-moon has shown by this seemingly small gesture that TCs are less important partners in the talks. Perhaps this reflects the international as well as the GC attitude towards them? Perhaps it shows how they would be treated if ever a single state solution was to be accepted; similar to a shadow political party, they would be an irritation but nevertheless inconsequential when it came to decision making? Not a good start, I believe.

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