Akfinans Bank | Writ Posted on Pauline’s Door in Her Absence

On her return from her US trip Pauline Read was greeted with the news that yet another Writ had been served on her.

How, you might ask is that possible? Well Pauline explained to me that this second Writ also for articles allegedly written by her that appeared in North Cyprus Free Press in the summer of 2010, over two years ago. You may also be wondering why it has taken so long for the DELETED bank to become so aggrieved over them.

The Bank obviously got fed up with Pauline’s fancy footwork in dodging being served and went to the Courts and obtained a Court Order allowing them to merely pin the Writ on her door and put a copy under the doormat. Yes, I think you will all be saying exactly the same as I did when she told me ‘they did WHAT??’ No expense spared by this Bank, well why should there be, money it seems is spent quite easily by the Bank that likes to say ‘GET OUT’. In the US a Writ can only be served to the person named on it, they have to physically touch that person. Similarly in most other countries. In North Cyprus, well just go to the court and immediately all things are possible. Yeah right. Except of course for Pauline Read, well known MI6, FBI and CIA operative. Hey Pauline, aren’t you a bit long in the tooth for all that?

Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking to buying in Cyprus. Even if you are treated abominably, you have your house taken, your life savings taken, do not be foolish enough to complain or draw attention to anyone involved. In other words, be SHAFTED quietly. Under these circumstances, you can see buying in North Cyprus has become extremely unattractive and very bad for your health and wealth. I even read of Pauline Read having a personal vendetta going against DELETED bank, foolish woman, what have they ever done to her?

Pauline, will you please take some well intentioned advice. Stop being so nasty to the DELETED Bank, they really mean you no harm. I will now remove my tongue from my cheek and run.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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